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History of Gurdwara Shaheedan
Gurdwara Shaheedan Ladhewal, Mahilpur, reminds us about Shri. Sahibjada Ajit Singh ji’s great Tribute.Two girls of a poor brahmin who belonged to balwara were going to jaijon after their marriage but on the way a pathan arrested them. The brahmin told his sorrows to Dashmesh pitha (father). (He came in front of dasam pitha and explained his entire story). Following command of Guru Gobind Singh ji, Baba Ajit Singh ji and his Singh (soldiers) killed Hakam Jabar khan in battle and brought the girls home. Gurdwara Shaheedan is dedicated to the singh soldiers who died in the battle. People believe that at this place Baba Ajit Singh cremated the soldiers (singhs) who died in that battle.In the memory of those great soldiers people build this historical building (Gurdwara). Here every year people (shardhalu) came to celebrate this historical day. Everyday in Gurdwara sahib sevadars prepare langer (sacred food) for the visitors (sangat). There are 20 rooms for sangat to stay. This Gurdwara sahib’s management is under the management of sharomani gurudwara parbandhak Committee amritsar. Gurdwara Shaheedan is located in Mahilpur district Hoshiarpur. It is on mahilpur kaharpur link road 3 kms from mahilpur bus stand.
History in Punjabi gurdwara-sheedan And View by Video1, Video2, Video3
Radha Swami Satsang Ghar Hoshiarpur Road (Mahilpur)
Shri Vishwa Karma Mandir Phagwara Road (Mahilpur)
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Gurdwara Jaur Bohda Village Bhuno Near Bahowal Hoshiarpur Road (Mahilpur)
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Gurdwara Bana Sahib Hoshiarpur Road Bahowal (Mahilpur) 
Shiv Mandir Jamun Chounk (Mahilpur) 
Gurdwara Dharam Shala Near Diwan Khana Village (Mahilpur)

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